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Calculating best 3 out of 4 rounds for Medal Play
Is it possible to choose for specific rounds from a season and determine best three out of
four total for our medal play champion?
Author: Howard Mindek
4 years ago   2015-06-16
I have a similar question... Our league uses Stableford scoring... is there a way to calculate a total points field for the 10 best rounds of the year?Author: Burton Robertson
4 years ago   2015-08-10
Current there is nothing for Medal Play.

Stableford scoring does have an option in the reports to drop a number of bad rounds and use a minimum number of rounds. That should allow for the best rounds of year.
Author: Brian H
4 years ago   2015-08-11
I thought there was a way to limit the nujmber of scores shown in the stableford report too, but I can't find that anymore... I am looking to only count the top 10 scores... HELP !!!Author: Burton Robertson
4 years ago   2015-08-12
The Stableford settings for this are under the League settings for scoring. I modified your league to use the 10 best scores. To explain what I did: Your league has 14 scoring rounds. I set the system to drop 4 rounds. So the report will automatically drop the 4 lowest (points) rounds out of the 14 scoring rounds. There is another setting for the minimum rounds to use before dropping. I set that to 10 rounds. So no low rounds will be dropped until the 11th scoring round is played. This setting is only for display reasons. As no for the score at the end of the season. It only effects how things are displayed during the season.Author: Brian H
4 years ago   2015-08-12
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