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Handicap/Scoring issues
Hey guys, I’m really liking your website so far! Some friends and I started a golf league this summer, none of us having ever been in one before. I searched online and came across your site, thought I’d give it a try. I talked to a local golf course owner a bit about how leagues work so I kind of knew how we wanted to set up the league.

I did all the settings how I thought they should be, I got all the players put in, I got the schedule set up. We played our round for the first week. When I put everybody’s scores in, I noticed a few problems with the scoring and handicaps. I’m not sure if I have something setup wrong in the settings, or if I am just misunderstanding how something is working or if it is something else going on… (player names have been randomly changed to a letter)

-Player X's handicap is 16.36, but it rounded up to 17
-Player Y’s handicap is 15.48, but it rounded up to 16
Handicap setting for rounding is set to normal so it seems they both should have rounded down, not up

Also, some some of the matchups seem to have scored wrong as well. As I understand it, match scoring for each hole goes by “Strokes with Full Handicap"
-Match between Player A and Player B - Hole #6 A had a 2, B had a 3, but it gave them both a half point
-Match between Player C and Player D - Hole #2 C had a 4, D had a 5, but it gave them both a half point
-Match between Player E and Player F - Hole #1 both players had a 5, but it gave the whole point to E

I have let everyone in the league know I would be emailing you about these issues, so we are all awaiting your response. Please look into these issues for me and let me know if I set something up wrong or what is going on and what can be done to solve our problems…

Thanks in advance
Author: Jason Preston
4 years ago   2015-06-11
We had a similar instance in our league last week. I'm a 5.55 handicap and it rounded me to a 6 and my friend is a 5.60 and it rounded him to a 6 as well. However, when scoring our round last week it only allotted him strokes on 5 holes, not 6; whereas it gave me 6 strokes. It didn't make sense to me either.Author: Billy G. Rahaim
4 years ago   2015-06-24
I figured out that if I don't use the course rating/slope correction option then all the handicaps are now rounding correctly. And I also found the page to manually edit the points for each matchup, so I have found a fix to that problem as well.

But it sure would be nice if everything would calculate correctly on its own because I still have to go in and compare each hole for every matchup, then manually adjust the points on 3-4 holes every matchup every week. Kind of a pain in the butt, but at least we are getting the correct number of points now...
Author: Jason Preston
4 years ago   2015-06-25
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