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Low Team Net - missing players
I have the system set up for 4 man teams, but when teams play short a player or two, it give the short team 5 points for low net. How do I get those points to go to the team that actually had everyone show up? It would be nice if the teams that played short could be eliminated from the weekly Low Team Net report too if there's a way to do that. Any ideas would be appreciated!Author: Ted Hanson
4 years ago   2015-05-20
I had this same problem. I created a new player not assigned to any team named "Missing Player". I then made this players handicap forced to manual at a zero handicap. Then each week that you have a missing opponent then put in the dummy player and enter all 10's for each hole. Also enter the team number instead of 0 (floater) on the add scorecard page. This is a work around but I never got a response from the site owner.Author: Andy Kurth
4 years ago   2015-05-26
Thanks for the suggestion! I set it up similarly and it got me to the point where I could fix it easily through manual scoring since I was having players with no opponent play against the card. Not pretty, but it works Author: Ted Hanson
4 years ago   2015-05-29
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