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Hole Index
In Malaysia (probably in South East Asia also) the difficulty of each hole is measured by the hole index. The hole index is between 1 through 18, where "1" represents the most difficult hole and "18" represents the easiest hole. To get the stableford value, the hole index is used against the player's declared handicap. For example, if my handicap is 18, I will earn an additional point for every hole from 1 through 18. If my handicap is 12, I will earn an extra point for each hole for index 1 through 12. I am sure LeagueSync calculates the stableford point this way.
Anyhow, when I create a new course, I was asked to key the hole handicap instead of the hole index.
What's the difference between the two and how do translate the hole index to hole handicap.
How is this hole handicap used to calculate the stableford points? Usually for a 18 handicap player, I will earn stableford points between 20 through 33 (can be higher sometime), but LeagueSync seems
to calculate it differently.
Some explanation in this matter is most appreciated and thank you.
Author: Syed Yahya
4 years ago   2015-05-15
hole index and hole handicap is the same thingAuthor: Mohammed Shazaban
3 years ago   2016-04-26
How do I edit the handicaps once they are set? They were incorrectly set to the handicap numbers for women, we need to change it so the numbers reflect the men's per hole handicaps.Author: Gerry Lynch
2 years ago   2017-06-06
Usually you would contact Support and Brian H. would unlock the course to allow you to make the updates. However Brian H. is spending what little free time he has to build the new version of this website.
I am guessing your best bet would be to create a new course using a slightly different name and enter the hole handicaps you need there.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2017-06-09
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