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Team Points are given to wrong team when No Show Happes.
This week our league had a entire team not show due to weather. That means in our league that the other team gets all the points (10 in our case). We have it set to forfeit in the League settings but that is not working. The system gave the no show team the 2 points. Look at Week 1 Team 10 (4 points) then no show week 2 (they should stay at 4 points) they now have 6 points.

Help please.
Author: Andy Kurth
4 years ago   2015-05-13
Same exact issue. Our league also has 10 points available per team per week. Two for low team net. One individual match was forfeited and two points were correctly awarded to the player who DID show up. However, the no show team AND the opposing team were both awarded two points for low team net, for a total of 12 points in that team match. I need to remove two points from the no show team. All rules are set up correctly in league settings. Please advise how to fix/how to override points incorrectly awarded.

Author: Jim Hollis
4 years ago   2015-07-22
Easiest method to modify the points is to turn on Manual Scoring. This allows the league manager to edit/modify the points awarded. Once Manual Scoring is enabled, on the Manager's page is Edit/View Points under the Scorecard section. Make sure to make any changes with the round closed. Closing the round could reset any changes made to that round.

Again sorry for the issue. Improvements/corrections are only being made to the new system under development.
Author: Brian H
4 years ago   2015-07-27
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