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Team Scorecard missing on report/ team scorecard doesnt add up to individual
On my scorecards page, I'm missing my fourth teams scorecard, at first it was there, but there was no scores or info, the tees box was set to blue, when all other teams are white. Card was just wrong, so I deleted it, thinking id rerun the cards and the program would add the fourth team correctly on it own. It didn't. Solutions?
Also this week the team scorecard net doesn't match the combined net of the individual scores for the week.
Author: Steve B. .
4 years ago   2015-05-04
Problem solved, the program doesn't recognize the changes, you've made to the individual card, on the team net until you close the round. Re running scorecards alone wont do itAuthor: Steve B. .
4 years ago   2015-05-04
I have a similar issue when a player on each team is missing the team total is incorrect. Anyone seen that?Author: Gary Scudder
4 years ago   2015-05-08
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