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New Version vs Current Version of Site
No new improvements are being made to the current version of the site. All work is being done to the new version. Which will include the large list of improves and features requested over the years. The new version will not be available this summer.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2015-04-28
So when WILL the new version be ready. I help run a large league of 125 players. We have it setup as 2 Conferences with 4 Divisions in each conference. We play at a 9-hole course and alternate the front and back 9 each week. From what I've tried in setting this up here, I don't think it will work based on the issues I've encountered and what issues others are logging here. Handicaps, as expected, get scrutinized when they appears wrong so the rounding issues logged here won't fly too well.

That said, can you provide the key improvements that are being made and when they will be available?

Much appreciated.

Author: Steve Varney
5 years ago   2015-08-23
The plan is to have the new site running in parallel to the old site by late winter 2016. I will have a better idea come January. A lot of the key improvements will be done or shortly after making the new site available to the publicAuthor: Brian H
5 years ago   2015-08-26
Great! Thanks for responding. Looking forward to see what the enhancements will be.Author: Steve Varney
5 years ago   2015-08-27
Hi Brian,
My league starts Aug. 12th will the new site be up and running?
Author: kevin Heil
4 years ago   2016-03-24
Hi Brian,

I have enjoyed using the current version of the site this year but look forward to using the new version. When will the new version be available? Also what will be the URL for the new website?


Author: Brian Cureton
4 years ago   2016-10-18

Any news on the new site -- been a while since we have heard from you.
Author: Richard Tawes
3 years ago   2017-02-27
Will the new version include an automatic data transfer on all previous entries from the old version?Author: Glenn Doyon
3 years ago   2017-04-03
The new version will not be available this year. Sorry. My time to work on the new version has been limited between a new job and family issues.

I hope to have a demo of the new version available toward the end of summer / beginning of fall. All current leagues and information entered will be moved into the new version.

Here are the major features coming in the new versions
- Mobile and tablet friendly webpages. Making the full version (desktop) touch friendly.
- Better scheduling functions. The current scheduling methods are confusing and needs improvement. (Too much to list).
- Several handicap improvements. (Detail report explaining how a handicap is calculated, more than one handicap rule definition (member vs guest), plus many more...)
- Easier scorecard entering. A major goal is to allow players to enter scores directly through a mobile device. Then the league manager is only verifying scores instead of entering them.
- Scoring calculation reports. I'm calling these Audit reports that allow league managers or members to see how the scores are calculated and how the league rule settings effect these calculations.
- Plus many more...
Author: Brian H
3 years ago   2017-04-26
Brian....the golf course our league is at this year has re-numbered their front nine since you put their scorecard in. Is there a way that you can have this updated? It is the Sanctuary Golf Course in North Canton, Ohio. What they have done is move Hole No.1 to be Hole No.9....then making Hole No.2 the new Hole No 1 and then just working down the card after that.


Author: Rex
3 years ago   2017-04-26

Just started using your site this year for our new company office league. It is perfect for our league. Thank you so much for developing this.

- Bill
Author: Bill Johngrass
3 years ago   2017-04-29
Rex I had similar issue I just added a new course (Sanctuary2) and then move to that course. Hope that helps.
Author: Tim Moore
3 years ago   2017-04-30
Tim...first thanks for responding back. I looked up Sanctuary 2, and no course came up under that name. Actually they have only 3 courses on here with the name the Sanctuary. Is there another name that it may be under. If so can you tell me what that name is?

Author: Rex
3 years ago   2017-05-02
Rex I meant add your own course that was just a suggested name. If you have the card it is not that hard add.Author: Tim Moore
3 years ago   2017-05-04
Brian H.,
Still on track for the new version this year?
Author: Kent Leary
3 years ago   2017-09-05
Any updates on the new version?
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-02-13
We are getting close to starting our league and I was wondering if there was going to be a new release for the 2018 season or not?
Author: Dan Krueger
2 years ago   2018-03-21

Looks like a lot of the questions that I have about this site will be addressed in the new site. Have you make any progress with the new site and will it be up an running anytime in the near future? There are a lot of us that really enjoy what you have created so far and are looking forward to the latest and greatest.

Tom C.
Author: Tom Cimochowski
2 years ago   2018-04-17
Brian, Under my golf course I accidentally put my course in 3 times. Can you delete the first listing and the third one. It won't let me delete anything. It is winagamie ladies league under dparker9@new.rr.com, password is sc93ore, league ID is wgc ladies, please let me know. My e mail is dparker9@att.net Thanks
Author: Kathy Parker
2 years ago   2018-04-27
How long does it take to get an answer from you? I sent a request 3 days ago and would like to be able to clear this up before I have to start entering scored tomorrow Tues. May 1st. Please respond
My e mail is dparker9@att.net. Thanks
Author: Kathy Parker
2 years ago   2018-04-30
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