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Combining individual and team scores
I am in a 2 man per team league. Our scoring goes 1 point each for strokes and holes for individual scoring and 2 points for team total strokes for a total of 6 points per match. I have the individual points setup for MVP standings but cannot combine the individual points with team points for the team standings. Has anybody tried this before?Author: Justin Keppen
5 years ago   2015-04-21
same question any answers?
Author: Frank Carmody
5 years ago   2015-04-24
There is no automatic method at this time.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2015-04-27
My league has the same scoring system except only one point for team net, Are you saying the software cannot do this? Is the solution to do it manually? This is my first year using this software. Thanks,

Also, how do I find this post again quickly, and how will I know if anyone has responded to it?
Author: Mark Masuicca
17 months ago   2019-03-11
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