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Established handicaps
This is the first year of using this program. All players have established handicaps for 18 holes. The league is a nine hole league. When I enter the handicaps manually and create score cards, the program uses the 18 hole handicap for the nine holes. Am I doing something wrong? I entered the handicaps under MANUAL. ThanksAuthor: Dave Carbone
4 years ago   2015-04-18
I establish starting handicaps for players in our league by recording total scores for "fake" previous rounds. In our league, the handicap is .9 of the strokes over par. For instance, par is 36, my average scores for the past 10 rounds is 46, then my handicap would be 9 (.9 x 10 over par). To do this, go to players, pick one, "add score", pick a date in the past, and record an appropriate 9 hole score to reach the desired starting handicap. I use 10 fake rounds to do this. Let me know if this helps. The other thing you can try is simpler -- you have a 9 hole league, so simply cut the 18 hole handicaps in half when you enter them manually.Author: Paul Johnston
4 years ago   2015-04-24
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