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Internet Explorer 10 trouble with website operations
I use IE version 10, and can't use other browsers from the office setup. Oddly, I get a red banner telling me that I have IE version 7.0 which is incompatible. Apparently, our office installation of IE 10 has some problems, because I cannot get certain action buttons to work. In mass edit, I can get all fields to fill with Yes or No, and Paid amounts of 0.00 dollars, but then I cannot save those editions. I have trouble creating Scorecards - the players selection box does not pop up to pick, and the names I type are not accepted though they do exist as available members. My IE version 11 works at home.Author: Brian Marsh
4 years ago   2015-04-03
Try running your browser in compatibility mode (Under the Tools menu).

What is probably happening is that the error message being reported is making an assumption. When this site was originally written there was no IE 10. So, if it is not one of the "supported versions" at the time, then it must be IE 7 or earlier.

Author: Jonathan Belanger
4 years ago   2015-04-13
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