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Does this site work?
Before my league uses this site for the year, I have concerns based on the posts i've seen with lack of response from the owners. Does this site still function for leagues?Author: Ben Kranz
4 years ago   2015-03-30
i have concerns also but everything seams to be all set for my league. Used it last year and it was great.Author: Tim Moore
4 years ago   2015-03-30
I have used it since 2013 & have had good luck. Response times vary. Try e-mailing brianh@leaguesync.comAuthor: doug huberty
4 years ago   2015-03-31
Yes. This website is still very active. Do to personal and work issues my time has been very limited. The site is not in danger of disappearing. But support is limited. Sorry.Author: Brian H
4 years ago   2015-04-22
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