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in the last 9 months.Author: Michael Murphy Boston
4 years ago   2015-02-25
Don't even bother. The owners of this website do not care anymore and do not even bother with it. They ignore emails, don't frequent the forum with customer questions, etc.....you're better off getting your league members to kick in a couple bucks a piece and either buying software or paying for website service. It's a shame.....because I felt this site had potential.Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-02-26
I'm inclined to feel the same way as Jeff does. The fact that I'm replying 2 months later, rather than a site administrator to comment on this shows exactly what he is talking about. There has been a lot of good work done here, by the site admins, but perhaps the amount of work is getting ahead of them being able to monitor the forums actively.Author: Brian Marsh
4 years ago   2015-04-26
The feature requests are a place to request new features. We read them. But we don't add comments unless we need the feature better defined.Author: Brian H
4 years ago   2015-08-10
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