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Adding email addresses to players
I don't see how to do this. I have added all the players, but I don't see how to update some of the player information. I don't see how to delete a player either. Is there a screen I'm missing?Author: jeff jordan
4 years ago   2015-02-14
To update info move over "Players" then click "List Players" pick the person you would like to update and click on them. On the next screen upper left hand side you can "edit/modify player". At the bottom of this page you can click if they are active or not. Hope this helpsAuthor: Tim Moore
4 years ago   2015-02-14
To add an e-mail click "Email" go to " "add Emails" then add Emails the next screen will have you link them to a person in your league.Author: Tim Moore
4 years ago   2015-02-14
Worked perfectly, thanks.
The confusing part is "add emails" - I was looking for "Add email addresses".
Author: jeff jordan
4 years ago   2015-02-14
I agree with the confusing titles on some action buttons. List Addresses seems much clearer than List Emails, especially when the Emails menu shows all the old league messages. Either label messages as Emails, or list addresses as Emails, but please choose to differentiate them.Author: Brian Marsh
4 years ago   2015-04-26
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