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It's been awfully quiet around here...
... no updates and no responses to questions and issues. Is this web site still actively being maintained? Are there any updates planned?


Author: Jonathan Belanger
4 years ago   2015-01-14
I have been thinking the same thing?Author: Tim Moore
4 years ago   2015-01-14
Has anyone emailed the support desk?Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-01-15
I had the same question and received a brief e-mail response last week. Unfortunately it sounded like real world responsibilities have been "interfering" with the fun world activities. The website is being maintained but got the impression no updates planned for this year.Author: Richard Tawes
4 years ago   2015-01-15
Heck, at least you received an email response. It seems to me that they plan on letting the website die a slow death. With that being said, does anyone know of any other golf league websites like this?Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-02-03
Now going on 2 weeks without a response from the support desk.Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-02-10
Still no response. It looks like the owners of this site have moved on to better things. Our league has decided to move on to another software provider. It's a shame, because I really believed that this site had a lot of qualities to offer.Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-02-18
I'm going to stay. By in large, this site works. I know the authors and maintainers of this site have other paying jobs, so this cannot be a focus. That being said, I'll keep copies of my data, just in case I need to move.

Author: Jonathan Belanger
4 years ago   2015-03-20
Never asked for this to be their main focus, but I never even received a response from several months ago. I have a full time job as well, and run my golf league, but if I didn't have the time to respond to my members, I would let someone else run the league who could devote some time to it. Just my 2 cents.Author: Jeff Light
4 years ago   2015-03-24
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