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Support additional Round Types...
At the end of our season, we have an 18 hole tournament which is a best ball using the combined handicap of the team. It would be a nice feature to support this kind of round so that I could put my entire season into LeagueSync.

Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-06-23
Also, for the tournament, each member on a team must provide at least 5 times when they use their drive (out of a possible 15 driver holes, at least on our course). Additionally, we have 2 longest drive and 2 closest to the pin holes.

I know of one league, where you can buy mulligans, but we don't do that.

Maybe an ability to define constraints for a tournament round:

- drive used (at least some minimum)
- team handicap (sum of individuals handicaps)
- individual and team score
- etc.

Just thinking out loud.

Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-08-27
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