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Played rounds that do not count towards handicap calculation.
Lets see if I can explain what I am asking for. 1. when you select a player and it shows the rounds that the person has played, it highlights the rounds that are used to calculate Handicap. Is there someway to Identify rounds that have been marked as not being used to calculate Handicap? For example in our league anything that is played in season 4 is not used to calculate handicap, I know this because I am the administrator, but the general membership doesn't. So when a round is marked as not being used as calculating Handicap can it have an * or something placed by it and noted as not handicap included. 2. when looking at the handicap report those rounds that are annotated as not being included for Handicap Calculation, don't and shouldn't show up on the list of rounds used for Handicap calculation, but if they are part of the last 10 rounds played it only shows 8 rounds as having been played and may only show 3 or 4 rounds that were used for figuring the handicap, but when you click on the individuals name it shows all 5 rounds that are being used to calculate handicap. For example we have a player that has played 7 rounds this year, but has over 20 rounds in the league to include the 2 fun rounds at the end of last season, so his handicap report shows 8 scores with 4 bolded as being included for figuring handicap. When you click on his name (Ken Holet) you will see that the round from july 23, 2013 (third to last round from last year, the 10th recent round that should be used in calculating handicap) is used in calculating his handicap but this round and the one previous isn't showing up on the Handicap report. Whew with all that said, when displaying rounds used for calculating handicap do not include those rounds in the count of the 10 rounds if they were marked as not used for calculating handicap. Actually show the scores for the entire 10 rounds that are being used.Author: James Love
5 years ago   2014-06-12
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