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Adding Points for Low Net Group

First thanks for the software. Much appreciated.

We have a league setup as a 2 flight league A/B. 2 A Group play against each other and 2 B group players play each other on the same hole. Match play 1 point per hole.

We would also like to add 4 points per person for the lowest net group of the round as well. Whats the best way to do this? I have selected manual scoring as one of the options but cant find a way to add the 4 points to each individual score.

Thanks again !
Author: Dan Aimetti
5 years ago   2014-06-05
We have similar scoring. 5 points for low team net that can be split if a tie. The points get awarded to the team though and not individual. So I have the entire match worth 23 points – 9, 9, 5. Under Scoring – Team Match Play go to Team Points For Stroke (Medal) Play Hope this helpsAuthor: Rob Pugh
5 years ago   2014-06-18
Hey man , Thanks for the post.

Do you guys have set teams every week? Ours rotate so if I set a team to receive the points that team # would change every week.

For now I am just manually adding 4 points for each player whos team comes in first for low net. Dont think there is another way to do it.

Author: Dan Aimetti
5 years ago   2014-06-24
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