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Enter Total Strokes versus Every Hole and Team Play Scoring
We have 2-man teams, an A and B player that plays the respective player in the other team, each week. We don't really care about each hole, but rather the total strokes for the round, incorporating handicap. We score A vs. A (1pt), B vs. B (1pt), and if both players for a team win both of their individual games versus their respective player, a team bonus point of 1 is awarded, otherwise no point for each team going 1-1. I am willing to work around the scoring regarding this setup, but really I want to just enter total strokes for each player, as opposed to every score on each hole. Is there a way to do this? We have already started the league and would like to get this setup at least remotely close to our scoring method. I can always enter scoring manually, which is fine as well, I just dont want to have to enter every hole on the scorecard. Thanks for your help!Author: Brent Spiker
5 years ago   2014-05-31
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