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2 Person team playing alone
I have 2 person teams playing individual matches with combined team scoring. If one team only has one player i want them to play against both players from other team. This works good for both individual and team scoring. But, it gives the player playing alone two entries in the round standings, the handicap calculations, basically all places the round is double counted. Any way to avoid this?Author: Rob Pugh
5 years ago   2014-05-22
The current system does not have a method to handle this problem. I'm not use how to handle this.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-05-22
I ended up creating a ghost player for each person that plays alone and manually entered handicap. Then i have the ghost player play one match and the regular player play the other. Seems to work ok, just doesn't accurately track indivudual points but that is least important.Author: Rob Pugh
5 years ago   2014-05-23
I had this same issue, and I too created a "clone" player. In our league, the clone player can only get 9 points maximum, so I had to let the calculations work automatically then changed to manual to follow my league's rules.Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-05-30
This issue was a bit of a problem for my league since teams were assigned. It doesn't seem right for players to be punished for their assigned teammates not showing up.

I like having the players play against the card when an opponent is missing, but I want the card to earn points for the respective team.

It seems like I have found a solution without having to create any ghost players.

I enter the score cards as normal and select CARD for missing players. I then close the round. After that I turn on manual team scoring while leaving the original scoring method on as well. I go to the managers page and select view/edit scores.

I then edit the card that has the missing players and give the teams the missing points.

For example, In my first week we had Team A play Team B. Both teams were missing one player. I paired the two players that showed up against eachother and the cards against eachother. This made it so the match was missing half the points because CARDS do not earn points. To fix this, I added 6 points to each TEAM(not the individual).

When Team A has both players and Team B is missing a player, I can add the missing points to Team B that the CARD should have earned.

By doing this, it does not affect any handicaps or individual scores.

Hopefully this wasn't confusing, but it seems to be working for us so far.
Author: Rob Whitaker
4 years ago   2015-06-23
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