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We just setup a league on your site, and it looks like it meets many of our tracking needs, there are a couple of questions that I had with regard to scoring for the league and flights, but looking through the previous questions we might be doing something a bit differently, I hope your able to help...

1) We have about 125+ members in our league, and do not currently track or record hole by hole info for the group as data input would be time consuming for the Admin. Is there a way to bulk input a large number of gross scores for the rounds that we have setup for the season? I have seen the option to add a previous score, but that does not give the option to associate with a particular round in the current schedule and does not show up on reports even if the date is the same.

2) Is there a way to select from the list of active player defined on the roster who played in a particular outing and associate gross scores for each, currently input of a gross score seems to be on a player by player basis. scorecard entry seems to require a value >0.

3) We use flights, we try to balance the flights by the number of player (give or take a few) that are in each scoring range. Is there a way to have even flights with adjusted handicap ranges instead of predefined ranges that determine the flights? If not, can the flight info be changed on a round by round basis to align with the count of players in the modified range manually?

4) After setting up all of our players and assigning them to teams and setting up the first weeks score cards based on each team, is there a way to use the same score cards from week one as the template for the following weeks, or do we have to setup 31 cards for each of our 15 outings? If we have the option to auto assign base on last weeks cards that would be great, I might just be missing how to accomplish that within the website.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide on the above, the system is very useful so far.
Author: Scott Morgan
5 years ago   2014-05-15
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