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New to Website and need help setting up
I have a 20 person league and we play 9 holes each week. We are playing as 2 person teams. We play at an 18 hole course, but 3 foursomes will go out on the Front 9 and 2 will go out on the back 9. And I alternate each week with teams. Is there a way to set this up in this website? I want everyone to be in one division also.

I've also set my scoring to manual as I don't think I can set my scoring system up with the option you provide. Please let me know if I can set up this scoring system within your website: 40 point scoring method. Each round is worth a total fo forty points broken down as: Team Points - 18 points - two points per hole (awarded on each hole to the team with the lowest combined net score - Can tie and split points) Individual Points - 18 points - One point per hole per player 9 points per player (are awarded on each hole A player vs A player and B player vs B player. 1 point available per hole to the player with the lowest net score. Can split the 1 point as well if a tie) Match Points - 4 points Lowest Team Net Score (The team with the lowest combined net score will receive 4 points for the match. If a tie, each team gets 2 points)


Author: Brian Palasek
5 years ago   2014-05-13
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