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Question regarding scores
Ok now that this is the first week of entering information, everything seemed to go ok. But we had one member that was to play against the card (course) how do you handle this. I had her paired up with a sub who was listed as a floater – 0 . the system gave the floater(sub) points. We do not want the sub to get points, but want the unopposed member to play against the card.Author: Carolyn
8 years ago   2011-05-10
I guess I did not understand your original request. Sorry. If a player is playing against the course, then the player plays against the 'Card'. To play against the Card, click the button to the left of the name labeled 'C' on the opponent line of the scorecard. You will have to erase the player currently on that line. Use the button on the left of the name labeled 'X' to clear the line.

You can enter the sub on another scorecard where the sub is playing against the card also. The system will always calculate points a player wins. By choosing team #0 for the sub, their points do not count toward a team. But their points are listed on the individual point standings.

If this is still an issue, please let me know.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-05-10
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