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Want to reset the handicaps in our league, could not find a place on the site for you email, so I hope you see this.Author: David Gaunder
5 years ago   2014-05-05
Change the handicap rules to no use rounds older than 30 rounds. This will reset the handicaps automatically every year.

Also, I have updated your league already.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-05-08
I, too, am trying to make contact with your site. I sent an email to your Support address 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive any update.
We are a new league on your site, and are waiting for our golf course to be fully installed. You were sent the scorecard info more than 5 weeks ago, and still the status shows it to be "under construction."
I cannot manage the league stats until the golf course installation is complete. Please let me know when the course info will be ready to use at my end.

Chris P
Author: Chris Peacock
5 years ago   2014-05-12
Sorry we lost the original request. Can you send it again?

Thank you.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-05-12
Hi Brian,
the scorecards for Forest Akers East and West were resent last week. Can you please let us know if we sent them to the right place?
Thanks for checking on this.

Author: Chris Peacock
5 years ago   2014-05-20
Hello Brian
I have a few questions. I have been trying to change the scoring for my league. If a team does not play they are still getting nine points? I have tried to delete rounds and when I schedule a new round the one I deleted comes back up. Should I scrap the season and start over? I have all the score cards from week 1.
Lunenburg coed golf league
Author: Darin Storms
5 years ago   2014-06-15
I too am having issues with scoring. The net scores of the 2 players on a team does not match the number on the combined scorecard--they match for the rest of the teams but not the one. I have sent you an email with a screenshot. Author: Allen Eckel
5 years ago   2014-07-07
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