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Handicap - Max Strokes Per Par Type
It would be very helpful if there was an configuration option to input the max handicap strokes that can be awarded, by par value.

Max Handicap Strokes Allowed:
Par 3 -- ____
Par 4 -- ____
Par 5 -- ____
(Zero for unlimited)

Our league gives a max of 2 strokes on par 4 and 5 and 1 stroke on par 3.

Unfortunately we are in a mixed leauge, and we often have low handicappers playing ladies with a very high handicap. Right now the software will distribute all the strokes on the card - rendering the scores inaccurate.

Every card that gives away more than 14 handicap strokes has to be re-calculated by hand.

Thank you!
Author: Bob Robinette
5 years ago   2014-04-30
This would continue to be very helpful. It is our number one biggest pain point when entering cards - and where we find the most amount of errors.

Essentially 1-2 cards a week have to be scored completely manually since this is missing.

Hoping to see it make the cut at some point!
Author: Bob Robinette
4 years ago   2015-08-06
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