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Flight Scoring Method

A Flight in golf is used to place golfers in a division based on their skills. A player would only play against other players within his or her flight. This assures a player is playing against players of the same skill level. A golfer's handicap is the normal method to determine a player's flight. For example, Flight A is all players with a 8 handicap and lower. Flight B is all players with a 9 handicap or greater and below or equal to a 16 handicap.

"Flight Scoring" awards points based on where a player placed in his/her flight after the round of golf. The player with the lowest net score in their flight is awarded the highest point value.

The point value can be determine a few different ways. 1) The number of players in the flight that played that round is the point value. 2) A fixed point value.

Example Flight Scoring

The points awarded can be modified to match each league's own point system.

PosPoints PlayerNetPosPoints
1st6 Tony351st6
2nd5 Eric362nd4.5
3rd4 Gary362nd4.5
4th3 Peter374th3
5th2 John396th1.5
6th1 Scott396th1.5
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